Farmers with their own name

EIn these times of globalization where it no longer surprises us that meat was born in Ireland, raised in Germany, and consumed in Spain, we say ENOUGH.

At The Rebel Pigs, we value the tireless work of our farmers who nurture and raise the product with an authentic and sustainable philosophy. We only work with those who raise their livestock freely and with natural feeding.

Wisely Treated Meats

Regarding meats, ALL our meats are domestic. This means they were born and raised in Spain. We only have one meat on our menu that is not domestic: our Japanese Wagyu. Having already been recognized by Japanese farmers as a restaurant that provides our customers with authentic certified Wagyu beef. Similarly, we try to support those who work with SPANISH AUTOCHTHONOUS BREEDS, prioritizing quality and tradition over economic performance.

Lovers of Seasonal Produce

At The Rebel Pigs, we always seek the best quality in all our products. We value our raw materials and their traceability from the field or farm to our plates.

Our vegetables and fruits are always as local as possible. The vast majority are cultivated in La Terreta (Valencian Community).

From the Market to the Plate

You can trust that you will not only be enjoying delicious national fish and seafood but also the excellence and authenticity provided by the Valencia Fish Market and the Castellón Fish Market, ensuring that each bite is a true celebration of the treasures of the sea. From the sea to your plate.